"A Legendary, Historic Landmark"

The Legendary Irene's Lounge was founded the year of 1976 by Irene Lazzari in the beautiful "Seaplane City" of Tavares, FL. Irene knew everyone's name, number, drink, and just about everything else, as she was very well known and loved, being involved with the local community intensely. We are proud to carry on (and add to) the Legacy of the Historic Landmark and Gathering Spot that Irene left to us.............

- Starting with a State Of The Art Jukebox to get through the day, and rocking the evening with one of Many Talented Bands, DJ's, Karaoke, Jam Nights, and more.

- If music doesn't tickle your fancy, watch one of the many High Definition 3D Televisions, Shoot a Game on New Pool Tables, Blend into one of our Wild Themed Party Nights, Enjoy Awesome Drink Specials, Munchies and so much more.

Irene's continues to imprint life-long memories for all who visit, young and old: Melding the Old-School Traditions of yesterday with the Risque and Sometimes Controversial Main-Stream of today for and unforgettable experience.

"For 36 Years and Going Strong - And no, we have no intentions on stopping anytime soon."